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Supplementary Programs

Event Culture

Event Culture is an interdisciplinary bachelor elective subject that thematises the identity-like, sociocultural and aestethic dimensions of experience culture and experience economy. As a student in Event Culture, you will find yourself in the field between media, market and culture, and you will be studying culture in practical, especially in its popular cultural field. You will be working text analytically, empirically and reflectively with your age's cultural form of expression and with new phenomenons of experience.


Sociology is the science that tries to understand all aspects of human social behaviour, including the behaviour of individuals and the social dynamics of small groups, large organisations, network, institutions, communities and entire societies. The aim of sociology is to obtain a better understanding of society, regarding idenfitication of its basic principals, for example in order to formulate better and more appropriate social policy.

Law, Religion and Society

The impact of the interaction between religion, politics and society has become more evident in recent years. If you want to supplement your education with the tools of analysing and describing this interaction, 'Law, Politics and Society' will be something for you. You will be studying subjects like religion and democracy, religious nationalism, globalisation in relation to fundamentalism and multiculturalism, religious minorities and integration.


Experience Economy

The Master Degree in 'Experience Economy' educates you on how to be an entrepreneurial and innovative player on different scenes in different contexts. Experience economy concerns value creation through experiences. Based on strategies of experience economy, you will be able to operate in the traditional culture industrial sectors like tourism and cultural life, as well as using experience economy as a value creative practice in everyday life and in common sectors and companies, who do not have experiences as their core output.