Newsletter #17 · April 2012

"Liquid Modernity Revisited" - Bauman lecture sold out

As already mentioned in a previous newsletter, Zygmunt Bauman will be visiting CESAU on 16. April 2012, giving a lecture under the heading ”Liquid Modernity Revisited” in the Bartholin auditorium. The 235 available spaces for the event have all been taken in less than a week. "It's great – people are taking a tremendous interest in the event", says Mads P. Sørensen, one of those responsible for Bauman's visit.

"It's just a pity we haven't been able to get a larger auditorium. We could probably have filled up the Lake Auditorium or the assembly hall, but regrettably, those are both occupied by other events on that day." The lecture will however be filmed and subsequently published on the CESAU website.

Moreover, the lecture is the first in a new series of lectures featuring heavyweights in sociology whom CESAU wish to present in the years to come.

Bauman Warm-up

In connection with Bauman's visit, CESAU's student group are arranging a warm-up event which will be open to all students who are interested. Mads P. Sørensen (IFSK) and Ole Morsing (IFI) will introduce Bauman's thinking in order for students to be well perpared for the visit. The presentations will be based on the major work "Modernity and Holocaust" in which Bauman interprets the Holocaust as a specifically modern phenomenon; a product of the bureaucracy and instrumental reason of civilised society.

The warm-up event will take place on 12. April at 15.00-18.00, Studenterhusfonden, meetingroom 2, Fredrik Nielsens Vej 4, 8000 Aarhus C.

We look forward to seeing you!

Video productions from the Danish Sociologists' Congress 2012

The video production from the Danish Sociologists' Congress 2012 have now reveived the final touch, and it is now possible to view, or perhaps revisit, the congress' keynote presentations:

New head of centre pending

The architect and main driving force behind the founding of CESAU, Carsten Bagge Laustsen, has regrettably chosen to resign from his leading position. We wish to thank Carsten for his engagement and his significant work for the centre in the period of his leadership. Henrik Reintoft Christensen from the centre management group will be functioning as head ad interim, until a new head of CESAU has been found.

Field trip to Gellerup

"Trine Kyed Jansen and Christian Harbo Jeppesen put on their coats and take the students with them out among the blocks of flats to show where they wish to create life. The students plod along in groups, pointing at empty playgrounds and enormous blocks of flats which will, before long, become subject to the care of the state's cranes. Everything is very calm and quiet, making it hard to imagine that Gellerup will soon be turned into Denmark's largest construction yard."

In February, CESAU organised a field trip to Gellerup. It was to give those interested an idea about the great changes faced by this part of town. The above is an exerpt from the article "Breathing life into Gellerup", a report from the field trip.

  • Read the full article here

Religion is back in the public sphere

On 5. March, CESAU hosted a seminar on public religion where, among others,  sociologist of religion Linda Woodhead and researchers at religious studies presented their latest research on the significance of religion in public space. Linda Woodhead's studies indicate, among other things, that citizens increasingly turn to spiritual forms of healing, giving spirituality once again a role to play concerning health and illness.

  • Read a report from the seminar here

Arab revolutions

In March, CESAU and the Department of Political Science hosted the conference "The Arab revolts – rebellion in society and science". At the conference, four researchers focused upon whether and how Middle Eastern studies and social science may offer tools for understanding and explaining the character, cause, and implications of the past year's Arab revolts.

  • Read the reactions of a few participants at the seminar here

Overview of deadlines for research funding applications

Below is an overview of deadlines for applying for research funding in April. See the overview of deadlines for the next 6 months here. Remember that you, as a researcher, have the option of registering a profile at By registering a profile, you gain access to the fund database, and you may individually arrange the overview of funds to match you research area.





ERC Advanced Grants

Research in the social
sciences and the humanities


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G.E.C. Gads Fond

Scientific Research


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FP7 People - Marie-Curie Actions

Scientific Research


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Illum Fondet

Research in the social sciences


Overview of future CESAU PhD courses

PhD course

Space available

Sociological methods: Interview
Aarhus, April  12-13

Registration with Henrik R. Christensen
Free participation for Ph.D. students

Read more

Sociological methods: Quantitative methods
Aarhus, April 19-20

Registration with Henrik R. Christensen
Free participation for Ph.D. students

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Nvivo course (1 ects)
Aarhus, May 14 + 16, 2012

Registration with Henrik R. Christensen

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Profession studies in a
sociological perspective – an introduction
(5 ECTS)
Aarhus, Aug. 2012

Registration with Henrik R. Christensen

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Sociological strategies of analysis
Aarhus, Sept./Oct. 2012

Registration with Henrik Jøker Bjerre

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April 3
Dale’s Café

Meeting in CESAU's PhD group: Stays abroad

April 12, 15-18
Studenterhusfonden, room 2,
Fredrik Nielsens Vej 4, 8000 Aarhus C

Bauman Warm-up: Lecture by Mads P. Sørensen (IFSK) and Ole Morsing (IFI)

April 12, 17.15-19.00
KU, Øster Farimagsgade 5 a,
room 1.1.18

Professor Hartmut Rosa, Institut für Soziologie: Acceleration and Alienation

April 16

World Class Sociology: Lecture by Zygmunt Bauman

April 26-27
KU, Øster Farimagsgade 5,
room 18.0.27

Conference: Feminist Materialisms: Gender, Nature, Body, Materiality


May 1
Dale’s Café

Meeting in CESAU's PhD group: Communicating one's research

May 14 + 16

PhD course: NVIvo course


June 5
Dale’s Café

Meeting in CESAU's PhD group: Suggestions for future events in the PhD group

June 26 + 30

Aarhus Evolution Conference: Rethinking the Darwinian and Durkheimian Legacy in the Context of the Study of Religion


July 1-4

Conference: IFSA: Producing and reproducing farming systems

AU, Aarhus

AU Summer University: Sacred and Secular: Religion and Politics in the Nordic and Western Countries

AU, Aarhus

AU Summer University: Society in the time of Terror


AU, Aarhus

PhD course: Profession studies in a sociological perspective – an introduction



PhD course: Sociological strategies of analysis


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