Newsletter #14 · January 2012

In spring 2012, CESAU will be offering an introductory course in socilogical methods over a sequence of four sessions. The four courses consist of introductions to field studies, textual and discourse analysis, and qualitative and quantitative method, respectively. Overall, the courses provide a broad introduction to sociological methods and techniques in sociology. The course is primarily aimed at participants who have little or no prior experience in sociological method. Thus, the idea is that the four courses may, together or individually, meet the needs of several of the environments that make up CESAU, and that it may supplement the number of more thorough and specialised method courses which are already offered at AU and other places. Each course counts for 2,5 ECTS points, which makes for 10 ECTS, all in all.

As announced earlier, the conference dinner of the Danish Conference of Sociology will take place at the art museum ARoS. The dinner includes an entrance ticket to the collections of the museum and to Your Rainbow Panorama on the roof of the building. The museum currently features a special exhibition made up by a number of Olafur Eliassons installations.

  • Read more about the available exhibitions during the conference here.

The restaurant has limited capacity, which is why the steering committee have chosen to limit participation to ordinary participants, unemployed, and retired participants. Should any spaces remain, these will be given to students. The price will be equal for all participants: 250 kr.

For the same reason, we wish to remind everyone that the registration deadline for the conference is January 6, 2012.

Should any spaces remain after January 6, any students interested are welcome to enquire about participation in the dinner.

The staff of the Danish Conference of Sociology have produced another visualised abstract. This time of Laura Gilliam's "The trap of resistance: Being 'immigrant' and 'Muslim' in Danish schools".

  • Watch the abstract here
  • Other visualised abstracts may be viewed here

Lecture by Rachel Brooks

During her visit at Department of Education, AU, Professor Rachel Brooks gives the lecture ”Juggling childcare and study: experiences from two different ‘welfare regimes’”. The presentation is based on research on students with parental responsibilities in Denmark and the UK. It explores whether differences in ‘welfare regimes’, the structure of the higher education sector and pervasive assumptions about gender relations have any discernible impact on the way in which ‘student-parents’ are both constructed within institutional policies and assisted by institutional practices.

  • The lecture takes place at Campus Emdrup, January 27th, at 11.30-13.00 in room D174.

Two CESAU courses at AU's Summer University 2012

CESAU will be offering two courses at the AU summer university 2012:

Sacred and Secular: Religion and Politics in the Nordic and Western Countries

Over the years, most scholars have thought of USA as a case of exception in a world that would otherwise sooner or later follow the development in Europe and marginalise religion and its significance. This course focuses upon the secularisation debate and investigates the role played by religion in today's society – especially the connection between religion and politics.

  • Read more about the course here

Society in the time of Terror

What is terror, and what is its significance for society? If one looks at the statistical data concerning terrorism, the question arises: "Why worry?". Terror costs much fewer lives than, for instance, traffic accidents. The response is often that the fear of terror is not concerned with the attacks that have already taken place, but rather with the ones that might take place at some point in the future. This course investigates the dominant discourse on terrorism today, as well as investigating its significance for society.

  • Read more about the course here

Focus on Foucault, February 21, 2012

The new date for the seminar ”Focus on Foucault” is February 21, at 14-17.00.

Participants of the seminar are the three researchers; Kaspar Villadsen (CBS), Lars Thorup Larsen (IFSK) and Jens Erik Kristensen (DPU), who will all be presenting their use of Foucault in their current research.

Kaspar Villadsen (CBS): The presentation will focus on Foucault's influence on critical studies in organisation and management throughout the past 20 years, as well as on the critique which has been directed at the Foucauldian treatment of the topic. Furthermore, Kaspar Villadsen will be elaborating on Foucault's conception of technology and 'dispositives'.

Lars Thorup Larsen (IFSK): Both Denmark and the US have, within the past 10-15 years, introduced so-called "free choice" arrangements in the health sector  – arrangements which display the traces of a strongly neoliberal mindset, and which follow a market logic. Lars Thorup will, with Foucault as his starting point, enquire as to how and why neoliberal ideas come into play in two radically different political settings: the Danish and American health systems, respectively.

Jens Erik Kristensen (DPU): The presentation will be concerned with three areas, to which Foucault's research may add new perspectives. Foucault's actual contribution to an "analytics of ecsclusion", Foucault's possible contribution to discussions and diagnoses of the so-called "competition state", and, finally, Foucault's possible contribution to a conception of the field of politics which is currently circulated nationally and internationally under the heading "knowledge politics", with reference to the attention paid, in politics and knowledge economy, to the generalised knowledge production of society.

The IFSA conference

Over the last few days, we have been bombarded with paper abstracts for the IFSA conference which with be held at Aarhus University in early July 2012. The conference is arranged cooperatively by International Farming Systems Association (IFSA), AU Institute of Agroeconomy, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, and CESAU. The deadline for handing in abstracts has been postponed to January 3. Contributions from all CESAU areas areas are welcome.

Overview of application deadlines for research funding

The following is an overview of deadlines for applying for research funding in January. See the overview of deadlines for the next six months here.




Sygekassernes Helsefond

Resarch in the social and health areas

Jan. 1, 2012

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Videnskabsministeriets tips- og lotto-midler

Research concerning society and IT

Feb. 1, 2012

Read more

European Commission

Social and human sciences

Feb. 2, 2012

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Oversigt over CESAU's kommende Ph.d.-kurser


Ledige pladser

NVivo course (1 ects)
February 6 and 8, Aarhus
Registration with Henrik R. Christensen

Read more

NVivo course(1 ects)
February 13 and 15, Aarhus
Registration with Henrik R. Christensen

Read more

Sociological methods: Textual and discourse analysis
March 22 and 23, Aarhus

Registration with Henrik R. Christensen

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Sociological methods: Field studies
March 29 and 30, Aarhus

Registration with Henrik R. Christensen

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Sociological methods: Interview
April 12 and 13, Aarhus

Registration with Henrik R. Christensen

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Sociological methods: Quantitative methods
April 19 and 20, Aarhus

Registration with Henrik R. Christensen

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January 19-20

Danish Conference of Sociology 2012: Troubled Identities

January 27, 11.30-13.00
Campus Emdrup, room D174

Lecture by Rachel Brooks: ”Juggling childcare and study: experiences from two different ‘welfare regimes’”




February 6+8

Ph.D. course: Introduction to NVivo

February 9-10
AU, Aarhus

Conference: ”Designing and Transforming Capitalism”

February 13+15

Ph.D. course: Introduction to NVivo

February 21 at 14-17.00
Preben Hornung Room, Bldg. 1422, room 132

Focus on Foucault
Lars Thorup (IFSK), Jens Erik Kristensen (DPU) and Kaspar Villadsen (CBS)






Ph.D. Course: Introduction to sociological methods



April 16
AU, Aula

World Class Sociology: Lecture by Zygmunt Bauman



July 1-4

Conference: IFSA: Producing and reproducing farming systems


AU Summer University: Sacred and Secular: Religion and Politics in the Nordic and Western Countries


AU Summer University: Society in the time of Terror


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