Newsletter #13 · December 2011

New work groups for Danish Conference of Sociology 2012

We are now able to present another two work groups for the Danish Conference of Sociology 2012:

Journalistisk identitet under forandring

In recent years, journalism has been challenged from many sides. The field is changing, workplaces are changing, relations with sources are changing, and the perception of journalism is changing. The identity of journalism seems to be up for renegotiation. The death of daily papers, new web-based media, professionalised communication, and the academisation of education - what do these things mean for the development of new journalistic identities? Which identities are ascribed to journalists, and what happens to the self-perception of the journalist? These are some of the questions which are central in understanding modern communication and public dialogue. The purpose of this work group is to shed light on the identity of journalism in the context from Journalistics 2.0 to the crisis of journalism.

  • Read more about the work group here

Sociology of the social sciences

This work group deals with the very broad range of institutions and forms of organisation and practice associated with the production of knowledge in the social sciences. The work group takes a closer look at how tendencies in research politics have, in recent years, influenced the social sciences, how the field of social sciences has changed over the past 15 years, and at how one may study the production of European questionnaire surveys.

  • Read more about the work group here

Immigrant boys, identity understanding and integration in focus at the Danish Conference og Sociology

The upcoming Danish Conference of Sociology 2012, taking place in Aarhus on January 10-20, will be hosting a number of interesting speakers from Denmark and from abroad, all of which will be circling around the main congress theme 'Troubled Identities'. Aahus University itself will, in the keynote programme, be represented by associate professor Laura Gilliam from the Department of Education and Professor Per Mouritsen from the Department of Political Science. At the conference, Laura Gilliam will shed light on one of the most stigmatised identities and categories of our time - namely the category young Muslim men. Per Mouritzen will, in his presentation, take a look at the new and growing expectations, found especially in the countries of nort-western Europe, that one be a good citizen.

These are expectations which may occasion identity trouble for the individual. CESAU has interviewed the two Danish keynote speakers in order to learn a bit more about the topics which they will adress at the congress.

  • Read the interview here

Visualisation of Per Mouritsen's abstract for the Danish Conference of Sociology

The Danish Conference of Sociology's student workers have produced a video that visualises Per Mouritsen's abstract ahead of his talk at the Danish Conference of Sociology. In the forthcoming period, visualisations of abstracts from conference keynotes will continuously be released

  • See the first video here

Volunteer at the Danish Conference of Sociology 2012

For the Danish  Sociologists' Congress 2012, we are looking for volunteers to help with various tasks in the time leading up to and during the congress on January 19 and 20. The congress is an obvious opportunity for students to meet internationally recognised sociologists. The tasks will be spread out in such a way that volunteers will have the opportunity to gain a lot from the sociologists' congress which is, naturally, free of charge for volunteers. All in all, volunteers will be expected to put in 5-8 hours of work, a large part of which will consist in tasks such as technical assistance at workshops.

  • Read more about the work as a volunteer here (pdf)

We look forward to making the Danish  Sociologists' Congress a success - with your help.

World Class Sociology: Zygmunt Bauman to visit CESAU on April 16, 2012

CESAU have succeeded in drawing a world class name to Aarhus University, namely the Polish-English sociologist Zygmunt Bauman, who will visit Aarhus in April 2012. ”Bauman has reached an age of 86 years and has cut down a lot on his travelling and speaking activities. So we are very pleased that he has, in spite of this, accepted our invitation", says Mads P. Sørensen from CESAU. Bauman will be giving an open lecture at Aarhus University's assembly hall on April 16, 2012. Mads P. Sørensen further explains that CESAU will, in the future, continue to invite leading sociologists to Aarhus for a new series of lectures named World Class Sociology. CESAU is also cooperating with Aarhus University Press on a book series in Danish and English with the same working title. And so Bauman will be opening the new lecure and book series. Further information about Bauman's visit and World Class Sociology will be posted on the CESAU website in February-March 2012. Until then, Mads P. Sørensen may be contacted for further information: or 24 85 82 81.

Conference: Producing and reproducing farming systems

CESAU is part of arranging a conference under the auspices of International Farming Systems Association (IFSA), to be held at Aarhus University on July 1-4, 2012. The title of the conference is "Producing and reproducing farming systems: New modes of organisation for sustainable food systems of tomorrow". The circle of arrangers is from both Denmark and Sweden and it includes researchers from CESAU. The conference theme is the vast challenges faced by modern food systems, among other things in connection with climate change and increasing demands for an environmentally adjusted development in the foods sector and the agricultural district.

IFSA is a forum that counts, among others, rural sociologists, geographers, environmental sociologists, and agroecologists. A call for abstracts has just been issued (deadline on December 20).

News from CESAU's student group

The student group's first study circle, concerned with reading The Struggle for Recognition by Axel Honneth, recently had its final session. We therefore encourage all to make suggestions as to which sociological work should be dealt with in the study circle in spring term.

On another note, there are still vacant spaces in the student group, so if you wish to influence and arrange sociological activities for students, contact Mads at or Andreas at

Overview of deadlines for research funding

There are no deadlines for relevant research funding in December.

  • See the overview of deadlines for research funding the next 6 months here.

Oversigt over deadlines for støtte til forskning

Der er ingen deadlines for relevant forskningsstøtte i december.

  • Se oversigten over deadlines for forskningsstøtte de næste seks måneder her

Overview of upcoming CESAU PhD courses

PhD course

Spaces available?

Professional studies under a sociological perspective - an introduction
(5 ECTS)

Course deferred to fall term.

Read more

NVivo course
(1 ects)
Aarhus, Feb. 2012

Registration with Henrik R. Christensen

Read more
NVivo course
(1 ects)
Aarhus, Feb. 2012
Registration for waiting list possible. Contact Henrik R. Christensen
Read more


Dec. 1, SFI
Herluf Trollesgade 11, Cph.

Conference: ”Employing more elderly
and unemployment – how?”
Arranger: SFI

Dec. 6, at 17-19
Department of Sociology, Copenhagen University,
room. 1.1.18.

Lecture: Sune Qvotrup Jensen: On housing areas,
ethnicity, and subculture
Arranger: Danish Sociologists' Association

Dec. 6, at 17-19

Theme meeting in CESAU's Ph.D. group:
Communicating research.

Dec. 9 at 9.30-16.30
Aarhus Hospital,
DNC "auditoriet", bldg. 10.

Conference about Luhmann and the health system
Jan. 19-20, 2012 Danish Conference of Sociology 2012
Jan./Feb., 2012 Ph.d. course: Profession studies in a
sociological perspektive – an introduction

Feb 9-10, 2012
AU, Aarhus

Conference: ”Designing and Transforming Capitalism”

Feb. 6 & 8, 2012

Ph.d course: Introduction to NVivo

Feb. 13 & 15, 2012

Ph.d course: Introduction to NVivo

Feb 21, 2012 at. 10-14
Location will follow.

CESAU'S CHOICE: Focus on Foucault
Lars Thorup (IFSK), Jens Erik Kristensen (DPU)
and Kaspar Villadsen (CBS) - PLEASE NOTICE NEW DATE!

Apr. 16, 2012
AU, Front hall

World Class Sociology: Lecture by Zygmunt Bauman

Jul. 1-4., 2012

Conference: IFSA: Producing and reproducing farming systems


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