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News from CESAU

Focus on Bourdieu

On Wednesday, 16. May, CESAU’s student group hosted for the final ”focus on a researcher” seminar of the term. This time, focus was on sociologist Pierre Bourdieu.

Science should supplement passion

This month, CESAU focuses on Niels Rosendahl Jensen and the research group 'Pedagogical sociology, education, and learning'

Seminar: "The educative discourse – tendencies of pedagogisation in the competition state, the economy, and professional life"

On May 8 at 10 to 15.30, DPU and CESAU will be hosting a seminar on the educative discourse and tendencies of pedagogisation in the light of the competition state, the political economy, and modern professional life.

Lecture by Bradley Levinson

On May 21 at 15-17.00, Bradley Levinson, American professor of anthropology at Indiana University, will be giving the lecture "Citizenship in the Vernacular: An Anthropology of Education in/for Democracy.”

Focus on Bourdieu, May 16

CESAU’s student group will be hosting the last ”Focus on a researcher” event, which will concentrate on the theories of Pierre Bourdieu and their practical application in current research.

The lecture series "Aarhus Lectures in Sociology" kicked off with lecture by Bauman

On April 16, CESAU hosted a lecture by Polish sociologist Zygmunt Bauman. The lecture was the first in the lecture series "Aarhus Lectures in Sociology".

Bauman for beginners

Prior to Bauman’s lecture, CESAU’s student group organised the event ”Bauman Warm-up, which was intented to focus on Bauman and equip the students for his lecture.

Conversation in computer games is also research in interaction


This month CESAU focuses on the research group 'Social Interaction Research at Aarhus University (SIRAU)'.

Baumans lecture well visited

The organizers of Baumans visit would like to thank the audience for their strong support of the event. Video materiel will soon be made available on this site.

  • See photos from the lecture here.

Join a research group

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Sociological Studies

CESAU is behind the book series Sociological Studies. So far these boks have been published:

"We may learn from the cartoon crisis"

Carsten Stage's The cartoon crisis - as media event and struggle for "Danishness" (Tegningekrisen - som mediebegivenhed og danskhedskamp) is the first volume of the series. CESAU has had a talk with the author about the cartoon crisis, Danish identity, and chaos-generating visual communication. And, last but not least, about which experiences we may take with us after the cartoon crisis.

Gain an insight into the research groups

What is actually happening in the research groups? In order to find out, we have had a talk with the coordinators for each group.

This month, CESAU focus on the research group ’Food and Consumption’. Read the interview with coordinator Egon Noe.

Previous interviews

Christian O. Christiansen from the research group

Finn Olesen from the research group

Henrik Reintoft Christensen from the research group

Henrik Kaare Nielsen from the research group


CESAU - Centre for Sociological Studies - aims to support and develope sociological education and research at Aarhus University. This happens through a number of initiatives directed at researchers, students, the corporate world, and the public sector.

The centre has been formed at the initiative of a number of research departments at Aarhus University, who all wish to support a interinstitutional and interfaculty cooperation on sociological issues. The research departments are financing the centre in the first three years, starting in January 2010.

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