Until the Rulers Obey. Voices from Latin American Social Movements - Clifton Ross

The CESAU 'Social Movements and Political Activism' research group invites to a guest lecture by American writer Clifton Ross.

23.11.2014 | Katrine Duus Terkelsen

Dato man 13 apr
Tid 14:00 16:00
Sted Building 1483, room 354

Clif will present his new book, 'Until the Rulers Obey. Voices from Latin American Social Movements' (PM Press, 2014). The event is open and free to everyone interested.

Read more about Clif and the book on www.cliftonross.com


"Until the Rulers Obey. Voices from Latin American Social Movements"

The anti-colonial struggles of the twentieth century and their supporters in solidarity movements located in the imperial centres developed within the framework of a Marxist-Leninist conception of a people’s struggle guided by a vanguard party that had as its purpose to take power at the level of the state. This conception came into question as a strategy, especially after the collapse of the USSR and as forces for globalization increasingly restricted the power and transformative possibilities of states. While social movements in post-colonial contexts have increasingly grappled with this new reality, solidarity movements, particularly in the United States and the United Kingdom, have yet to deal with the implications of this historic shift. The confusion of left solidarity activists internationally became particularly apparent during the February 2014 uprising in Venezuela as they joined forces to condemn student demonstrators and support the Bolivarian government.

Activists need to reexamine the way they conceive solidarity in the current juncture when no revolutionary vanguards are present and the political context is dominated by governments of capitalist reform. While anti-interventionist postures and strategies may still be relevant, activists must be cautious in developing bonds of solidarity, particularly with populist governments. I will argue that social movements, not governments, are the new forces for transformation. I will focus on Venezuela as a case study, basing my conclusions on dozens of interviews I conducted in April, May, October and November of 2013, as well as published interviews conducted earlier in Venezuela and other countries of Latin America.

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