'Rythm, Affect, and the Greeks'

A lecture by John Protevi, Louisiana State University

13.04.2014 | Kristian Lindegaard Svendsen

Dato fre 27 jun
Tid 09:00 10:15
Sted Building 5335, Room 091 (Finlandsgade 21, 8200 Aarhus N.)

This open lecture is part of a ph.d. summer school on 'Cultural Im/materialities'. Read more here


To provide some historical perspective to the Summer School, in this presentation I will discuss current research in the rhythmic roots of interpersonal affect (Stern, Trevarthen, Dissanayake), coupled with research into the biocultural evolution of human music (Cross, Bispham), as it relates to Plato's reflections on war and politics in the Laws. We will cover both his meditations on the role of lullabies in early character formation, and his preference for the phalanx soldiers of the battle of Marathon over the sailors and marines of the battle of Salamis; we will interpret this preference in terms of the "body politic" formed by the rhythms used to motivate each military formation.


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