"Ritual and Sincerity: Theories from China"

A talk by Professor Michael Puett, Harvard University

05.08.2015 | Katrine Terkelsen

Dato fre 06 nov
Tid 15:00 17:00
Sted Nobelsalen, Aarhus University

One of the more exciting recent developments in the social sciences and humanities has been the attempt to explore the enormous body of theory that has been generated in cultures throughout the world and to bring this body of indigenous theory into conversation with Western theory.  This paper will attempt a small contribution to this larger project by discussing some of the indigenous theories concerning ritual and sincerity that have developed in the Chinese tradition.  I will argue that these theories from China open up a number of crucial issues that may force us to question some of our assumptions about self and society and allow us to re-think some of our understandings of social practices in general.

This event is co-sponsered by CESAU and Academic Hour, Contemporary Ethnography.

Information about the time of the lecture will follow.

Arts, Business and Social Sciences, Forelæsning / foredrag