Conservative, Liberal and Multicultural Nationalist Thought - Which is Most Defensible and Why?

Varun Uberoi, Brunels University

06.08.2013 | Jonas Laurien

Dato tir 22 okt
Tid 12:15 14:00
Sted Aarhus, Building 1441, room 113 (Tåsingegade, auditorium 3)

Varun Uberoi is a Lecturer in Politics and History at Brunels University.

Abstract: Culturally diverse societies have to be united enough to take collective action, conceive a common good and take collectively binding decisions, and nationhood has been a traditional source of such unity. As nationalist ideas need not be nationalistic, policy-makers increasingly promote them, but what is the most defensible way to think about nationhood? In the history of political thought three analytically distinct ways of conceiving of nations, national identities and the unity they foster have emerged. The first is Conservative nationalist school, the second is the liberal nationalist school and third is the little known multicultural nationalist school and in this talk I choose the most significant thinkers in these three schools, show how each has insights into how to think about nationhood while showing why the multicultural nationalist school is the most defensible.

Uberoi has published several articles on Multiculturalism, including two recent pieces with Tariq Modood: 

- (2013) Uberoi, V. and Modood, T., Has multiculturalism in Britain retreated?, Soundings 53 (3) : 129- 142

. (2013) Uberoi, V. and Modood, T., Inclusive Britishness: A Multiculturalist Advance, Political Studies 61 (1) : 23- 41


The lecture is in English and open to everyone.