Between blue and green: The elusive history and promising future of seaweed and molluscs

The CESAU 'Fødevarer & Forbrug' research group invites to a guest lecture by Dr. Kaori O’Connor, UCL, London.

16.01.2015 | Katrine Terkelsen

Dato tor 16 apr
Tid 14:15 16:00
Sted Building 1467, room 130, Nobelparken, Aarhus University

Kaori O’Connor is a contemporary ethnographer, who uses anthropological methods and narrative to illuminate important issues and challenges relating to mainstream social life, at home as well as abroad. She has also long advocated interdisciplinary and comparative work, as well as engagement between the academy, commercial interests and the wider community. For all of these, food is an ideal subject, but while terrestrial ‘food studies’ have now become well established, the anthropology of marine foods is an open field in which relatively little has been done. Over-fishing and the reduction of stock is a global problem, but seaweed and molluscs have the potential to become foods of the future, directly affecting our health and that of the environment. She will discuss her ethnographic work on seaweed and molluscs, and will argue that as anthropologists we must keep the ‘culture’ in what we do.

Arts, Health, Business and Social Sciences, Forelæsning / foredrag