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CESAU - Center for Sociologiske Studier

Aarhus Lectures No. 4/Professor Guy Standing: "A Precariat Charter: A Progressive Agenda for today's Dangerous Class"

Matei Candea "The Tarde problem, or, how to reconcile metaphysics and sociology"

CESAU Anbefaler

19.05.2015 | Ph.d.-studerende, Kursus, Nyhedstype

PhD Course in "The sociology of materiality and environmental interaction"

The course is organized by the GSST PhD school at Faculty of Science and Technology at Aarhus University, Denmark.

30.03.2014 | Ceremoni / åbning

Ny forskergruppe på CESAU: "Sociale Bevægelser og Protest"

Invitation til opstartsmøde for forskergruppe om sociale bevægelser og protest


man 07 sep
13:15-15:00 | 4205/212, LAB 3, Moesgård
Illegality, INC. - Why Europe's approach to boat migration is doomed to fail
Ruben Andersson will present his book on the European border regime, Illegality, Inc.
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